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Each pet is different so we offer different options, from the shorter stops that are great for potty breaks or cats, a longer stop if your pets would like a walk or more attention or even an overnight.  Visits can be mixed and matched to best fit your pets needs.


fast. break. (15 MINUTES)
Quick visits best for adult potty breaks or cat visits.  $13

walking the dog* (30 MINUTES - no yo-yo needed)
A 30-minute walk for fun and exercise!  Other Pet Care services may also be included with this service.  $20.00 

*To ensure the safety of your pet (and pet sitter) walks will be limited to days under 90 degrees. On these days we can arrange alternative exercise for the pet. Being a native of the wet state of WA, rain is no issue.   

purrfect. timing. (30 MINUTES)
A 30 minute at home pet care visit for dogs, cats and exotics. $20.00

Visit may include, but not limited to:

  • Fresh food and clean water
  • Scoop litter boxes and clean cages
  • Administration of medications, fluids
  • Lots of loving attention and play- time!

animal. house. (1 HOUR)
This visit is good for multiple pet households (more than 3) or we can use this visit for a potty break, feeding & a long walk. $35

slumber. party. (10 HOURS) 
An overnight visit for your pets to get extra attention.  An overnight dinner starts around dinner time thru breakfast. Advance reservations are needed for this type of visit. $65

sit. stay. ahwatukee pet sitting 623.396.6364 or 253.223.7518 cell