giving. back.


This year as a thank you to everyone who voted for us in Best of Ahwatukee we said if we won we would sponsor 5 of the Basset Hound Rescue angel dogs.  We came in third, but we still sponsored the dogs, who could say no to those faces! So we sponsored 6.

Angel Dogs need extra support because they have had expensive medical treatment or they are one of our Forever Fosters.  Our Forever Foster Dogs are deemed unadoptable due to age, health conditions or behavioral issues, and will spend the rest of their lives in foster care. AZBHR is passionate about our dogs, and always makes sure that they have the best care and quality of life because they deserve nothing less.

OJO Sponsored By: Vanessa

 Baby Sponsored By: Susan

 Beau Sponsored By: Debbie

 Jack Sponsored By: Nikki

     Banjo (before & after) Sponsored By: Barbara

Daisey (before & after) Sponsored By: sit. stay. for good luck!

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