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I love goofy dogs.  I really do.  And crazy cats.  Really any pet with personality. My experience is different than most you will come across.  I spent 10 years as a pet sitting customer, traveling for work and relying on my sitter to watch my wild bunch, which give a different perspective than a pet sitter would normally have.

As a customer I’ve so appreciated knowing that my pets were safe and well cared for.  I never had to worry about the mail being stopped or if I turned on the alarm when I left because I knew someone would be at my house to keep an eye on things.  This peace of mind is something that I am able to offer you, if you are gone for an afternoon or a month, you will know that your pets and your home are being well looked after.

After volunteering with various animal organizations for many years, and speaking with and shadowing people who have owned successful pet sitting businesses, I decided to make pet care my full time occupation.  Summer 2012 I performed my 10,000th pet visit.  I don't want my anyone giving me any more grief on all the shoes I own, thats a lot of miles walked!!!

I will give your pets as much love as I give my own, you can rest assured that they will be well cared for while you are gone.  I don’t mind getting jumped on, shed on, barked at or licked and slobber is a way of life.



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